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Simplify your workflow with affordable cloud software for the translation industry that does it all – from quoting and procurement to delivery and billing. Discover a perfect blend of logical transparency and smart connections.

FlowDezk is…

Easy to use

Work more efficiently with a solution that has been designed by the people that use it. Just follow the natural flow – from the clear dashboard to the surprisingly logical process steps.


Get everything done with a single solution that covers all the stages of your project management – from quoting and procurement to delivery and billing.


Do you need additional features or an API between FlowDezk and third party solutions (such as your accounting software or a client system)? You name it. We’ll get it done.

Discover FlowDezk for the Translation Industry

FlowDezk for the Translation Industry has been specifically designed with the needs of translation and localization project managers in mind. Are you looking for a solution that allows you to create and process orders in a few simple steps yet at the same time provides all the details and features you need? Watch the video to see how you never get lost in FlowDezk.

Our surprising basics


Enter all relevant project parameters to generate a professional quote that you can send directly from FlowDezk to your client.


Select resources, enter planning and financial data and run through a logical set of steps – from the initial heads-ups and link-based file management to order confirmations with a purchase order.
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Tick the boxes of your ISO checklist, send deliveries to your client and use FlowDezk’s billing module or an accounting API to generate an invoice for the work you just completed.

Vendor portal

Allow your vendors to accept, deliver and bill orders in a transparent dashboard and collaborate with them to keep their profile up to date with relevant expertise, availability and rate information.
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Run financial reports for a quick overview of the turnover and margin your clients generate, segmenting and filtering the data to generate the charts and tables you need.
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Our Smart options

Get an API

Would you like your financial project data to be pushed seamlessly to a third-party accounting solution? Or would you need to pull projects from a client system to your FlowDezk dashboard, so your project managers can claim and process them?

The flexible set-up of FlowDezk allows us to build any API you may need, even the ones we haven’t thought of yet. Discover how a relatively small investment can bring impressive savings.

Add features

Would you like us to change or add fields and features for a seamless fit with your workflows and processes? Would you need your branding to be integrated in the UI? Or would you prefer us to run your installation on a dedicated server in a specific location?

Sit down with one of our account specialists to turn your requirements into a specification and get a transparent quote for design and development.

Get training and support

When you purchase FlowDezk we offer four hours of free training and support to get you started. Your account manager will plan the dates for your webinar and explain how you can post support tickets.

Do you need more time or do you expect more support tickets? Choose one of our training and support plans and we’ll have you covered.

Suggest improvements

We keep improving and extending FlowDezk, so we love to hear what you think would be essential features or great options for our next release. Could something be done more efficiently, is a field missing, do you need a specific language version or would you like us to build a FlowDezk solution for a different industry?

Tell us more about your suggestions via this form.


We like to keep our pricing simple and flexible so you know exactly what you get. Once you’ve been onboarded, FlowDezk will measure your peak number of users for billing on a monthly basis. At the end of each month this peak number is reset to the actual number of users. In other words –FlowDezk flexibly and automatically grows and shrinks as you add or delete users. And there’s a bonus – vendor users don’t pay to get access to their profile. New standard releases and enhancements are rolled out frequently – at no additional maintenance cost for you. Your monthly fee also includes 1 TB of storage space, which can be expanded at affordable rates. Need anything else? Ask us for a quote. Almost anything is possible.

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