Vendor Portal

Wouldn’t it be great if your vendors could update their profile so you won’t have to do all the data management yourself? And if they could access a summary of their projects, so they know what’s up next?

FlowDezk’s interactive vendor portal is accessible both to you and to your vendor (with some areas only available to you of course) and allows your resources to keep you up to date on their skills and availability. They can select language combinations (predefined by your admin user) and add all applicable CAT tool expertise. The results will immediately be available to your project managers.

The portal also includes a smart rate negotiating mechanism, which allows both vendors and admin users to propose, approve or reject rates. Your project managers will be able to see the rates and their status when they select the vendor, so they can make an informed decision.

Vendor companies with a long list of languages, CAT tools and rates can simply upload a PDF and will pop up in all language combination searches.

Vendors can also upload ISO documentation to a file list (that can be configured for each vendor and that automatically ticks off uploaded documents) and indicate their availability on a calendar so your project managers can check the facts before they make a resourcing decision.

Another great asset of FlowDezk’s interactive vendor portal is the My Projects dashboard, which displays an overview of all the projects that a vendor is working on or that have been proposed. This smart summary alerts the vendor to upcoming deadlines and contains links that display or download delivery schedules, project instructions and purchase orders. E-mail alerts are generated when a vendor accepts, rejects or delivers a file or when a project manager sends a project heads-up or confirmation.

And if you like what you see, remember that this portal will be even better in future releases.


Project Dashboard