Book or pre-book your resources in this smart next step of your workflow.Before you select vendors you can check their current qualifications, expertise, availability and rates in their profiles. Both you and your vendor can update that information and a smart negotiation mechanism makes sure that approved rates are reliable.

The vendor selector will allow you to search for all vendors that meet the language and skill criteria you select from a drop-down or pick from your favorites. Before you select one or more vendors from the search results, you can check their review score and rates and–if necessary – click to see their full profile. In FlowDezk you’ll always make an informed decision.

Like you did for your client on the Quoting tab you can specify any number of languages and additional services and you can define very detailed delivery schedules using the batch system. The service types are defined in the master data.

Use the smart file management system not just to upload or download files but also to copy files between tabs to save time. You can even set a link to a different file management system in the master data as an alternative.

Now all you have to do is select one of the hand-off templates you defined for this client, fine-tune it where needed and add any of the following: a download link for the project files, an upload link for the deliverables and analysis, cost and scheduling information.

You’re basically ready to book your resource now. You can decide to either just send a heads-up to check if the resource would be interested or confirm the project right away, sending a purchase order PDF along with it. In all cases the booking status of the project is neatly maintained. Both you and the vendor will receive e-mail alerts at various milestones and vendors that you onboarded on FlowDezk will be able to view and process their projects in their own vendor portal.

About Us

FlowDezk BV is a limited company registered in the Netherlands (registration number 74304445). Address: Minderbroederssingel 13A, 6041 KG Roermond, The Netherlands.