Enter all the project parameters on the Quoting tab and generate an auto-calculated quote that gets sent to the e-mail addresses you specified.

Effortlessly generate quotes in the first step of your project workflow. Once you’ve specified the general project data you can go ahead and enter the financials that your client needs you to quote with.

Start off by adding a language combination from a list that has been defined in the master data and add your rate and wordcounts. You can add any number of language combinations after this first one but you won’t get lost as you just have to click a specific set to see the corresponding CAT summary.

Are you supplying additional services to your client that are billed using other units of measure? Don’t worry. You can add any description and combine it with any other unit that has been defined in the master data.

Once you’ve added your delivery schedule and uploaded the project files, you’re ready to send the quote. Just specify any discount you want to add and you’re good to go. Of course when you click on Submit Quote your quote doesn’t fly off unchecked. You first get to see a preview and then you define the e-mail addresses you want your quote to go to, directly to the client and/or to you.

Well that’s it. Once you client’s approval comes in, you click on Approved and FlowDezk jumps to the Resourcing tab.

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