Tick the boxes of your ISO checklist, deliver the translated files and finalize your financial project data, sending them – if you have us build an API – seamlessly to your accounting software.

Easily deliver your files from the Delivery tab. Tick the quality check boxes to make sure all important checks have been performed. And don’t worry, this list is very flexible. You determine which steps are required for which client in the master data.

And here too you can use our smart file management system to copy a vendor upload to this tab and either download it for further processing or deliver it directly to the client. Alternatively use the external file management system that you set to display here in the master data.

Keep an overview of what has been delivered and what not by setting the status for the various languages and services. And if everything has been completed you can push the entire project to the Delivered status and freeze it for financial processing.

The way you use the Finance tab very much depends on whether you’re connecting FlowDezk to your accounting software or just generating invoice PDFs directly from FlowDezk. If you want to connect to your accounting software, we’ll be happy to tell you more about our API service.


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