Get an API

The type of API support you need depends on the level of expertise your company has in this domain. If you’re not involved in the technical back-end aspect of your solutions, we’ll connect FlowDezk to your system for you, covering the entire process in a full custom integration. If you have some in-house development expertise however, you will probably prefer our Core API, from which you’ll be able to get the selection of data you need for your systems to work properly. Here’s more about how these two scenarios would work.

Scenario 1 – Core API

  • The Core API supplies a comprehensive set of the data that you’ll need to interact with third party systems.
  • Our RESTful (JSON) based API complies with all modern standards, so your developers / systems integrators should be easily able to implement this feed into your systems.
  • The Core API is also ultra-scalable and secure, being housed in state-of-the-art ISO27001 data centers and utilizing all modern security standards such as:
    • Full segregation from the main application stack using secure VPCs and AWS security grouping.
    • Fully secure access using standard authentication methods.
    • Scalability via comprehensive monitoring and use of AWS scaling options.
  • As we use standard RESTful technologies, our core API is a “one size fits all” solution, and even if you can’t interface directly with an intended third party system, this should be possible using staging tools such as Zapier or Integromat (our consultants are available to help you with any integration assistance that you may need – contact us for more information).
  • The Core API is available at a small extra monthly charge; this charge covers the extra support and maintenance required to provide the service over and above the usual FlowDezk offering.
  • Contact us for more information on technical specifications and pricing.

Scenario 2 – Custom Integrations

  • You may not have the required expertise available to connect our Core API to your system or you may need the API to interface with more rigid systems in your toolset. That’s where a more customized approach to data interchange would make sense.
  • If this is the case, we can help; we’ve built FlowDezk from the ground up using cutting-edge technologies and protocols and we have the flexibility to match your needs.
  • Talk to us about how we can help you implement a custom integration with your third party systems. Our systems integration and DevOps teams have years of experience building secure, scalable interfaces and can build something that will surely fit your budget whilst servicing your needs.

About Us

FlowDezk BV is a limited company registered in the Netherlands (registration number 74304445). Address: Minderbroederssingel 13A, 6041 KG Roermond, The Netherlands.