Add features

Have you been trying to decide between several workflow solutions and struggled to choose betweeen the advantages/disadvantages of the various products, wishing you could somehow merge them into one?

How about a solution that you can adapt to your own requirements so it contains the fields and features your company needs?

FlowDezk’s standard release is actually a very dynamic solution where a lot of items can be defined by your admin users. So chances are this will provide all the flexibility you need. But if you want more features than the standard solution offers or if you want to add or change steps in the workflow for example, just talk to us.

FlowDezk’s Custom Development team will sit down with you to go through your requirements, to put together a detailed specification and to come up with a quote for a fully customized installation that your team will love to work with. Whether it’s a just a single tax field you want to add or a complete module that interacts with your other systems, we’ll tick off your wishlist.