Get an API

The type of API support you need depends on the level of expertise your company has in this domain. If you're not involved in the technical back-end aspect of your solutions, we'll connect FlowDezk to your system for you, covering the entire process in a full custom integration. If you have some in-house development expertise however, you will probably prefer our Core API, from which you'll be able to pull data to your systems once it's been enabled by us. Here's more about how these two scenarios would work:

Core API

  • We offer a core API that has a comprehensive set of the data that you'll need to interact with third party systems.

  • This is a RESTful (JSON) based API which conforms all modern standards, meaning that your developers/ systems integrators should be easily able to implement this feed into your systems.

  • This API is also ultra-scalable and secure, being housed in state-of-the-art ISO27001 data centres and utilising all modern security standards such as:

    • Full segregation from the main application stack using secure VPCs, AWS security grouping.

    • Fully secure access using standard authentication methods.

    • Scalability via comprehensive monitoring, use of AWS scaling options.

  • By using standard RESTful technologies, we believe that our code API will be a "one size fits all" solution, and even if you can't interface directly with an intended third party system, this should be possible using staging tools such as Zapier or Integromat (our consultants are available to help with any integration assistance).

Custom integrations